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Todays Topic is about you!

602-01085390Most, if not all of us have participated in some form of gossip. Very rarely is gossip not about someones downfall, shortcomings, mishaps and wrong doings. If at any point in time something good is happening and someone shares it, it typically does not qualify as gossip. No one ever takes the time to share positive information it has no appeal and quite frankly no one cares about good news unless it’s about a baby and even the sharing of that can get dicey.

Well what if todays hot topic was about you. Does the information become less attractive because you are the one being talked about. Do you say things like, ” I wish people would mind their business,” and “what I do has no effect on anyone elses life.”! It makes you wonder how you could have taken the opportunity to not further discuss someones situation with such intensity, not thinking that the current situation at hand could be difficult to deal with as is, without you making it worse. At some point in time this year, I was the hot topic of discussion for the day. I managed to keep my head high during this time of gossiper exile, the stories would die down soon, some gossip dies down quicker than others, but my drama was juicy. I’m sure it rises every once and again, but at least the initial phase (shock) is over. That attribute of gossip is what always makes it so darn good, and makes it harder to go away.

My doomsday has been over for quite sometime now, but it has made me think twice before I engage in the exchange of the misery of others downfall.

Maybe today is your day to be talked about, remember no one is safe. But hold your head up high and bare the sting of repeated words, and smile for your gossipers! Today is your day! Revel in it because tomorrow will be their turn to shine.


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