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Trying hard to remember, to forget!

I don’t have any difficulties with forgetting birthdays!
No difficulties with forgetting to change my oil!
No problem with forgetting to pay some miscellaneous bill!
No problem forgetting to take the trash out before work!
Hell, no problem forgetting my lunch at home!
But I am having difficulties forgetting the love I want! Somebody give me instructions on how to do that! Do I leave post-its all over my house telling me to forget him, forget how I love to touch him, love to look at his freckles, love to hear him say my name with his awful but cute lisp. Any ideas on Pintrest? Nobody blogging about this? No answers? Figures!
Forget how he makes me feel every bit of women I am! Forget how he makes me betray my good senses; forget how he makes me think that together we could take the world by storm! Still no answers?
Would it be easier to take an eraser and get to erasing? Probably not! I would still have the images burned in my mind, like a forever tatoo! Forget how he looks at me when he sells me the future, even though he is not sold on right now. Forget how I don’t want to wait until tomorrow, forget how I want him right now! Forget how this could just be all in my mind, forget how he told me he loved me! Forget that it could not possibly be just in my mind!
Well until then,I will be working on it, working hard to remember how to forget!


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