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Fawking Pity Party

Everything in this bag is garbage and I know I shouldn’t be eating any of it!  But I’m having a full on pity party, started two days ago!  I understand now that feeling of not only being able to control eating but even more importantly not caring! I’m not overweight YET, but eating this shit is going to help that YET situation.  So I’m not sure what this pity party is about but all I know is I’m sitting outside by myself and its gorgeous out! I do cherish my quiet time, but somedays being alone is for the pits! I have a phone book full of gentlemen that I could call but ehhhhhh some if not most of them aren’t worth the hassle! And I’m not good at faking fun! I’m not sure if this pity party is man related, or just the holiday blues but what ever it is I’m gonna ride it out! !!!


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