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Vanity is a sickness


* Cutologist- one whose ability to cut and style your hair makes he/she a specialist!

So about a week ago I cut about 3 years worth of hair growth off! My split ends had split ends and although the length was substantial I don’t believe in see through hair! So off it must go!
Well, I sought out a fantastic (cutologist) and let him have at! And my goodness out from under the hooded dryer came a Ebony beauty not that I wasn’t cute before, but the cuteness was now on 50! So my cutologist sent me out into the world with this new sassy hair doo, and the reviews were raving.

Then came the rain! You know we talked about this on Tuesday, it was raining yada, yada, yada, I was covered yada, yada, yada. But, while I was covered, the only thing not exempt from the moisture was my hair. Come Wednesday morning things were looking a little strange!

So I took to washing my hair, then I took to styling it, BIG MISTAKE! It just didn’t look the same, my cute-o-rama meter was going in the opposite direction. SOMEBODY HOLD ME!

Now I’m doing this all in preparation for work in the am, and that’s when I realized there was absolutely no way I was going to show up at work like this in the am! Hair all over the place, looking like a muppet. Now, I love shock hairdo’s as much as the next person but my work place just isn’t the place for that, so I decided with urgency that this was an emergency! I knew exactly what I had to do find a stylist and find them quick! My cutologist is a community celebrity so getting an appointment with him in my crisis would definitely be a feat, so I decided tomorrow I would be sick!

The illness Vanity! Just don’t tell my boss!

Off to the salon I go!


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